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Motto of my private practice: "There is pain in change and there is pain in staying the same. Pick the one that moves you forward."


I am Kristin Roush and I'd like to share a bit of background. I am in my mid-50s, a retired Psychologist, currently a Life Coach, and a passionate college psychology instructor. My Ph.D. is in Counseling Psychology; I've had a private practice of some sort for over 25 years. I love psychology. I love listening to people. I especially love encouraging people, whether it's with you in my office or on the phone, with my students in the classroom, or in front of a conference workshop audience.

A few years ago, I was lamenting to a friend that I just didn't relate to the ambitious
people of the world, that I could retire today and be perfectly happy with no threat to my feelings of self worth without that professional identity. I felt a little bit like an imposter, running in the same circles as my "movers and shakers" friends. That is when I realized that I was in fact, "the moved and the shaken." It made me laugh out loud! So, I bought the domain name immediately, knowing that some day I would "do something" with this delightful new identity and reach out to others who can identify with me.

My favorite topics are relationships, self-esteem, adult children of alcoholics, co-dependency, self-empowerment, and spirituality.

Why This Blog?
I want to share everything I've learned - with humor, flat out advice and poignant storytelling.
I want you to share what you've learned - with authenticity and openness.

What Are My Credentials?
My childhood as the middle of six kids with an alcoholic mother and a strict, always at work father; all the relationships I have been in and out of; my years as a student and my years as a teacher; my years as a client and my years as a therapist; my adulthood with my recovering alcoholic (44 yrs) mother and my much mellowed out father.

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